Health care

Bookkeeping plays a very critical role in the finance and accounts management of healthcare institutions. Doctors and other paramedical staff come with least knowledge about money matters and it is a well-established fact. Now – You can hire us for the management of your clinic`s accounts efficiently. We have the best people available and they are ready to take a good care of your bookkeeping and other financial accounts. Not only is this but we are also offering medical billing and transcription services.  Medical bookkeeping has its own challenges and criticality. A single mistake could lead the practitioner or the clinic to a conclusion. Thus, it cannot be handed over to someone who doesn’t have a very good idea about the criticality of his job. Our Medical Bookkeepers come with rich experience and outstanding level of knowledge.

Medical Billing Management

Medical billing management is a science within itself. It is not a routine thing and it cannot be done by those who don’t have the necessary training and experience. We are quite happy to inform our prospective clients that we have a well-nurtured team of medical accountants available. Several of our accountants are veterans in this field and they have experienced working in different environments. In case if you are leading a growing practice and looking for outsourcing the billing side then don’t worry. We have all the required tools and resources available. As far as the hardware and software resources are concerned – let it be our headache. We are using state of the art and the best quality programs.

The Process:

Here is a general overview of the entire medical billing cycle we are offering. Practitioners who are facing difficulties in either one or multiple aspects of the medical billing could contact us as well for the resolution of their issues and problems.



This is what can be called the typical process and procedure we adapt for providing our clients with errorless Medical Billing Services. However please don’t consider it as a standard format. Certain changes are possible and employed in specific cases.

Why Outsource Medical Billing?

Well – Medical Billing Management is quite a complicated task and it cannot be handled by ordinary accountants. Practitioners in working in different areas of the healthcare industry know and understand the significance of an up to the mark and optimized medical billing system. In addition to this, individuals and small institutions cannot proceed with huge investments required for the purchase of dedicated hardware and software resources. Here comes the most important part! When it comes to the human resources, a CPA alone could cost you thousands of dollars. Thus, the outsourcing of medical billing is one of the best choices. It`s going to bring a lot of saving for you in form of money and indirectly as time as well. Don’t you know – talking to the insurance companies and settling the dues with them is kind of a bid headache. We are sure, our services can bring a great relief to the life of our customers.